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Figura Pompeiana Seduta

€ 341,00

Cuscino Decorativo Quadrangolare con Strappo D’Affresco Elasticizzato.

Cuscino in gommapiuma rivestito in puro cotone. 

La bellezza materica dell’affresco viene esaltata al massimo grado in questa opera tipica dell’arte classica italiana. Un’immagine antica che imprime alla materia tutto il senso del tempo che trascorre. Un gioco di luci e consistenze che si innesca dalla complicità tra materie tanto diverse e inattese.
Solo la nostra speciale tecnica di strappo d’affresco permette applicazioni così originali.


Il prezzo è di 1.200 euro al mq per i soggetti più complessi (figure, paesaggi, nature morte) e di 700 euro al mq per i motivi decorativi.

To customize the subject in sizes and colors contact us >


Descrizione prodotto


Cuscino Decorativo Quadrangolare con Strappo D’Affresco Elasticizzato. Cuscino in gommapiuma rivestito in puro cotone.
Strappo d’Affresco Elasticizzato – Flexible “Strappo” frescos
An innovative technique, patent pending, for producing frescos on a flexible film, similar to an adhesive or wall paper, and as such, applicable to any support or surface. Easy to fold or roll up, making a fresco easy to carry. Anyone can buy one, decide its use and follow the procedure in only a few simple steps, without needing expert intervention, just by reading our instructions.
The freshness of colours applied by the fresco technique has been proven over the centuries, and the only cause of damage to our frescos is due to the integrity of the film which could break or tear accidentally, or the type of glue used during application on the various supports.


See application >

To customize the subject in sizes and colors contact us >


Our frescos produced with the flexible Strappo d’Affresco method are original products referring to Italian Classical Art, handcrafted by professional artists. They are not fake copies but faithful representations of the original subjects. Each one is different from the next. This must be remembered when you choose among the works proposed in this website, because this element makes the work more precious by being an original and unique object. The photos depict frescos produced in the past and no longer in stock but the images illustrate the variety and quality of our production.

In the proposals/offers corner, instead, you can find the frescos in stock, which you can still buy and admire in their splendid reality.

The intrinsic beauty of a fresco and the skill of the painter are exalted in this typical rendering of Italian Classical Art. An ancient image impressing upon a material the whole sense of passing time.

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Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 700 g
Dimensioni 50 x 50 x 22 cm
€ 341

Cuscino in pregiato tessuto con rifiniture curate e bordato con passamaneria. Applicato al centro un vero strappo d’affresco elasticizzato.
Sul retro predisposto un appuntino appositamente studiato che permette di applicarlo alla parete con un semplice chiodo, anche
grazie alla sua leggerezza.