Lunosa: who we are and what we do

Lunosa is the name we have given to our laboratory where we create ideas for design and wall design, with the intent to renew these concepts by focusing on research also as a moment of communication and exchange, useful in defining projects and ideas. A new concept of applied art. We are talking of a project, a challenge, intending to change the relationship between the artist, his creativity and the client-collector involved. A dialogue between art and where it is created. Precisely, because your walls, your living spaces and your life style, are an environment in which to cultivate art, not just a simple support on which to attach a fragment. We want to rethink your homes, your places of work or leisure, as fertile spaces in which to develop an idea and increase awareness: no longer a box in which to keep them. Art is born from this incessant and recreational relationship: it is not imported and adapted, and never forcefully.


Making art in your ‘vital space’ thanks to an innovative concept: no longer art produced in artists’ studios that, by means of an exhibition, is bought, carried, inserted or used.
We never conceive the wall of a home as a simple support to be decorated or where to hang something: walls are carte blanche in defining a mental space, a fundamental element in the creative process involving the whole house and the personality of who lives there, interpreting their input. A creative process based on the communication of impressions and wishes between the creator and the user: on a joint reading of the environment and the hypothesis of a development to be shared.
The wall is the starting point for the creative act itself, for information, and the communication – not only decoration – of specific artistic contents for the surroundings by which they are inspired.

We are forming a platform of artists who will make available their personal knowledge and creative skills specifically for your home and your life style.
Space is no longer limited to housing the objet d’art but is elaborated and later lived in its essential part: the creative idea and language in which it is expressed. The great mobility and infinite technical avant-garde possibilities now available allow us to work on the project of one wall, one room or the whole house, treating it as a real design element, with the same intent of seeking beauty, formal ductility and the communication of stylistic and cultural contents. So your home, your vital , personal environment will no longer be only a container for design objects but it will itself be the structuring design of a way of life and relevant projects.
This is why we use the most modern wall-deca-film techniques, with special printable silicone films that can transfer to the wall any idea or image, penetrating and integrating the surface of the wall.
With this technique, we have combined another exclusive method, resulting from our research into the choice of materials and pictorial applications, giving us the possibility of inserting details and original works done by the artist. An innovative technique allowing us to transfer the original work of an artist wherever required or desired, like an adhesive, without the artist having to intervene on site. It’s like possessing an artist’s paint stroke without it being made on canvas or other supports, a stroke “free” of supports but ready to move where needed and where most pertinent: directly from the hand of its creator, travelling without limits of space.

Another Lunosa activity is the production of frescoes, using the ancient “Strappo” technique, innovated according to the principles by which we are inspired. For this, we have created a method unique in the whole world, we have made it similar to a film: ultrathin, elastic, which can be folded and rolled, easy to carry for re-application wherever you want.

So, we can provide an integrated system of modern printing techniques on special films and accurately crafted innovative techniques with which to create exclusive works of art, original and easy to move.

Craftsmanship, knowledge and artistic virtuosity merge with the new digital languages and reproducibility: a tryst between man and contemporary culture.

In addition, we have created a series of images, ideas purposely serialized but with the possibility of modifying dimensions and colours to meet customers’ requests. An opportunity for those who appreciate our style to express and lend space to their own creative side. With the elements we can provide, by requesting our consultancy and support you can very easily and freely decide what forms and colours to use in decorating your surroundings.

Lunosa is a melting pot for ideas and projects concerning living spaces and life style. But not only, it is also a platform where you can find visual contents to use in creating your own style. We offer a leap in quality in communication. Information, transportability and direct communication between the creator and the user giving a shared global vision of the whole.