Maria Luisa Sini was born in Ozieri (SS), she obtained her first diploma in advertising graphics at the Institute of Art in Alghero and furthered her studies in the “Decoration” section of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino. Specialized also in Graphic Art, she has printed copperplate engravings for a number of important artists, from Italy and all over the world. She is also a sculptor and for years has been engaged in research concerning innovative pictorial supports. She created many of the supports for Salvo Scafiti’s exhibitions and those on display at the 54th Venice Biennial. She edited the art volume ”Apologia di una Forma”, with texts by Boncinelli, Manzoni and Ponso, and including engravings by Scafiti. Recently she has become engaged with art for children and teenagers, with laboratories dedicated to drawing, painting and visual education. With Lunosa Educational Maria Luisa has also held workshops at the Science Festival in Foligno and Scienzarteambiente in Pordenone.

She is art director for Lunosa where she takes care of gifts and fancy goods, the design of jewellery and also organises Lunosa Educational.

She lives and works in Peschiera del Garda.