• ideas


    Our re-thinking of adhesives and especially the fresco “strappo” technique has also introduced us to the study of design elements. A play between materials of many types. Working with contrasts and similarities, stimulating the mind with ideas that involve touch, with materials that remind us of sounds and fragrances. This has been the origin of […]

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  • adhesives


    SEE ALL ADHESIVES > We use two types of adhesives: Polyvinyl – a plastic material that is adhesive, translucent or semi-opaque and printable. When applied to the wall surface it appears clearly as an adhesive application. E wall decal film – an extremely thin printable silicone film – which can be applied to the wall using […]

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  • frescos


    SEE ALL FRESCOS > Lunosa deals with frescos and wall paintings generally. To order, we produce works for private customers and for public structures, each stage being planned with utmost care, with the aid of projections and 3D elaboration of the surroundings helping both us and the client to focus in more detail on how […]

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  • adhesives + frescos


    SEE ALL ADHESIVES+FRESCO > Our concept of adhesives is not to consider them simply a support on which to print a decoration or elaborate design to stick on a wall just to liven it up or give a touch of colour. We consider and work with adhesives as with a true and proper artistic technique […]

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