• ideas

    Our re-thinking of adhesives and especially the fresco “strappo” technique has also introduced us to the study of design elements. A play between materials of many types. Working with contrasts and similarities, stimulating the mind with ideas that involve touch, with materials that remind us of sounds and fragrances.
    This has been the origin of our design objects: cushions, necklaces, tables, frames, and so on.
    Each material recalls, better than others, a story or an atmosphere. A dialogue between various materials evokes more intense and unexpected atmosphere, and a more embracing tale.

  • adhesives


    We use two types of adhesives:
    Polyvinyl – a plastic material that is adhesive, translucent or semi-opaque and printable. When applied to the wall surface it appears clearly as an adhesive application.
    E wall decal film – an extremely thin printable silicone film – which can be applied to the wall using a special glue. It adheres closely to the surface until integrating perfectly. This product is totally invisible and gives extraordinary results. Prints applied with this technique seem to be paintings carried out on the walls.
    Our proposals allow a choice from limited editions of seasonal collections, with predefined colours and dimensions; or which, on request, can be produced in different sizes and hues.
    Otherwise, we can intervene directly to personalise your home decor. In this case, by interpreting your needs and following your indications, we collaborate in creating your own exclusive living space.

    Innovations brought by Lunosa to this sector with a decidedly artistic approach.
    As opposed to other firms specialised in this kind of product, Lunosa aims to furnish your home with a work of art normally reserved to the buyer of original paintings or prints.

    You can choose among made-to-measure elements, specially created to suit and fit your living space, simply by sending us an image of where you want us to intervene.
    Before approving the printout of the subject, you will be given a 3-D digital projection of the effect it will have on the room.
    Only after having your approval will we go ahead and print the adhesive panel.

    Then we will be working side by side, following your indications, interpreting your wishes and precious information; putting at your disposal our artistic research consolidated over the years at national and international level.

    Otherwise you can choose from a limited series of standard works making up our seasonal or yearly collection. Even when you are choosing among our limited works, they are always superior to an industrial print of unlimited production.

    The limited issue of 200 copies divided among the dimensions available for each subject approaches this product to graphic arts (serigraphy, chalcography, lithography) guaranteeing the quality of our artistic research and an exclusive final product.

    Even if you decide to move house, for 20 years you still retain the printing rights of the subject, so you can adapt the dimensions and colours to your new home, simply by letting us know your new requirements and at the cost only of reprinting.

    Nowadays, cultural and artistic content is no longer limited to traditional means and supports. Just as books can be found in paper editions and on digital support, figurative art – once it is digitalized – can be exploited and enjoyed not only on paper, canvas or masonry but also on any type of material and in any environment. And this is our aim, always and in any case, this is our aim, always and in any case with the solid backing of artisan knowledge and the tradition of “made in Italy”.

    Furthermore, we have experimented an innovative solution allowing us to intervene manually on the adhesives with an extra touch by the artist who, on request, can add quality and originality to what at this point can be considered a true and proper work of art.
    So… limited numbers and manual interventions on request make our adhesives a unique product in this panorama. We want art to become more easily available to an increasing number of people, and that it can be applied with the best possible creative techniques in the field of modern technological research.

  • frescos


    Lunosa deals with frescos and wall paintings generally. To order, we produce works for private customers and for public structures, each stage being planned with utmost care, with the aid of projections and 3D elaboration of the surroundings helping both us and the client to focus in more detail on how the project is progressing.

    Our business is based on fresco work, a sector where Lunosa has gained considerable knowledge of the aspects of technical innovation, art work and applications.
    One particular technical product, for which we have deposited a patent, has allowed us to make giant steps under the profile of artistic applications and a new conceptual approach by which to redefine the characteristics of this technique.

    Fresco stripping, a fascinating technique invented for restoration purposes, has been mostly confined to the souvenir sector and banished from the realm of craftsmanship and top level art work, losing the preciousness of its nature. An unforgivable loss of cultural attention that needs to be restored.

    Normally we are used to seeing frescos transferred to canvas or onto chalk slabs imitating a fragment of a wall. But Lunosa wants to overcome this limit, this constraint on creation, and therefore we started to consider fresco stripping as a true and proper artistic technique, opening up an enormous expressive and stylistic potential. Enabling us to evocate and reflect on the sense of passing time in the life of forms, and helping us to re-read and rediscover our historical-artistic heritage. Capable of transforming into language a material that surrounds us daily but of which we are hardly aware: plaster – a strong and live material which absorbs oxygen and carbon dioxide just as we do, covering our homes and all the architectural structures invented by Man, a surface on which to paint with so many techniques and styles to embellish spaces or to launch messages to society.

    Our “strappo” technique exalts the tension created inside the plaster, rendering us closer witnesses of the passage of time moulding the forms we know. Such a maternal, ancient but ever-present material; still modern in its dialogue with contemporary plastics and glass, sophisticated fabrics, synthetic resins, metals and ceramics, and so much more.

    Our frescos restore a material that is part of our individual and collective memory, and in this “material” we give new birth to our history of art, our Italian and European visual heritage, but also our own contemporary “corpus” of expression.

    The true conceptual leap has been to create a fresco as an adhesive, easy to apply, easy to carry, but also a mine of creative power. A sort of pictorial film of genuine wall painting, done by hand, a true and proper fresco on film. Two distant concepts, perfectly united: taking the lightness of the film, its elasticity, its ductility and easy choice of application and from the fresco, the sensuality of its material, the sense of stability, and typical pictorial quality of great wall paintings that only Italian masters were able to create and convey.

    Whoever orders one of our frescos will receive a true and proper work of art, an extraordinary piece of artistic knowledge condensed on film which can be rolled, folded, shaped, and applied to suit one’s individual taste, according to their own creative inclinations or based on our advice.

    We can provide you with hints, ideas, possibilities; we can help you interpret this technique under a hitherto unknown, even amazing, perspective, giving you the occasion to navigate a universe of images, history, fascinating “tactile” experiences, involving you completely.

  • adhesives + frescos


    Our concept of adhesives is not to consider them simply a support on which to print a decoration or elaborate design to stick on a wall just to liven it up or give a touch of colour.

    We consider and work with adhesives as with a true and proper artistic technique offering a potential expressivity possible only by this means.
    For example: imagine the absorption of watercolour on a whole wall, it would be impossible using traditional water colours on paper. But by elaborating this ‘absorption’ of colour on its traditional paper support, it can be transferred digitally onto our special self-adhesive films of any format, and applied to any wall of any shape and size, even ceilings. So the self-adhesive films allow the artist to portray pictorial or graphic interventions and apply them in a manner that could never be possible with traditional methods. And by treating adhesives as a true means of expression, we realised that it was a way of conveying our innovative fresco “strappo” technique.
    This combination has given light to original and unusual solutions which, thanks also to a touch of irony, has allowed us to create some unique matches.
    For example: on the base of a self-adhesive film, we can insert fascinating “strappo” frescos, again in this case seeking that inexhaustible and undying dialogue between contemporaneity and the history of art. A unique combination demonstrating that a dialogue can exist between forms and languages separated by time, without limiting creative skills and communication.