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Plex with inserts of original “Strappo” frescos.

The definition “plex+fresco” describes precisely the integration of the two techniques. But the real novelty is in a more conceptual and stylistic integration, possible thanks to two modern techniques that allow such an unusual dialogue with infinite possibilities. We are talking of an adhesive with the insertion of one or more details thanks to flexible strappo d’affresco.


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Strappo d’Affresco Elasticizzato – Flexible “Strappo” frescos
cm. h.100 x l. 100
An innovative technique, patent pending, for producing frescos on a flexible film, similar to an adhesive or wall paper, and as such, applicable to any support or surface. Easy to fold or roll up, making a fresco easy to carry. Anyone can buy one, decide its use and follow the procedure in only a few simple steps, without needing expert intervention, just by reading our instructions.
The freshness of colours applied by the fresco technique has been proven over the centuries, and the only cause of damage to our frescos is due to the integrity of the film which could break or tear accidentally, or the type of glue used during application on the various supports.

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Additional information

Weight 7000 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 08 cm

Plex and frescos